QUICK CHANGE: Captain America

Posted: May 23, 2019 in Quick Change
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Over the years of comic book adaptations, many characters gave been brought to life more than once. Overall, those with multiple adaptations seem to be more faithful to the tone or design of the original creation as they go. This is largely due to public interest in superheroics being steadily more and more popular with each passing year for the last decade or so (to say nothing of technology required to create so many of these characters in real life). With that, this new article series with be quick looks at specific costumes and how they have evolved in live action through a couple of adaptations. So here we go!

cap kirbyCaptain America has always been a symbol of freedom and tolerance within Marvel Comics. from his origin as a sentinel of liberty in World War II to his post-Capsicle career as an Avenger, his costume and shield have been just as iconic as his ideals. The red, white and blue/stars and stripes motif are fairly constant (aside from those Nomad years). Despite some variation, the 60’s take on the character’s costume (thank you Jack Kirby) has stuck in the public eye the most. The costume has a certain texture to it that is lacking in a lot of comic outfits and it’s a look that has endured for decades.

cap matt
Cap’s first feature adaptation (outside of film serials) was largely a literal take on the patriotic togs. While it’s not used much in the film (and it’s only seen without major damage for about 5 minutes), it’s interesting to see that the filmmakers clearly tried to respect the source while not really having the budget or ability to do so. Of note are the laughable rubber ears that were added due to the original ear-hole design hurting actor Matt Salinger.

cap ultron
Within the current Marvel Cinematic Universe, Cap has had multiple appearances and a few different costume changes. They’ve all drawn heavily from the comics but there’s one that seems to be the most connected with the role. Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers wore it first in Avengers: Age of Ultron as an update of the classic WWII look and a rejection of the stealth “Super Soldier” costume from Captain America : Winter Soldier. The basic elements mirror the comic outfit while adding a more tactical, armored and militaristic texture. The helmet, no longer a simple cowl, borrows significantly from The Ultimates comic take on the character. An interesting amalgamation that works surprisingly well. 

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