COMMENTARYCAST: Punisher: War Zone (2008 DVD)

Posted: January 12, 2016 in CommentaryCast, Marvel, Punisher
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punI have gone on record, time and again, defending this film. I feel it is the most true representation of The Punisher that we’ve ever had in expanded media. And, when it comes to film, this is likely the as close to the comic as we’re ever going to get. It wisely accepts his origin as read and crafts a narrative around his obsession with punishing evil-doers. Ray Stevenson’s stoicism as Frank Castle is dead-on and is a nice counter-balance to the rambunctious ridiculousness that is Dominic West’s Jigsaw. While I find that each adaptation of the character has some merit, this is the one that I consistently go to when I need a real Punisher fix. Director Lexi Alexander also ensured that the film retained the palette and many characters from the comic. In the past, Baer has been less complimentary of the film, but I think some of my enthusiasm rubbed off on him during this recording.

punskullPunisher: War Zone (2008 DVD)
-Recorded in August of 2015
-The Punisher first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #129 as an antagonist. Since then, he’s appeared in many solo series from Marvel.
-Director Lexi Alexander has an incredibly informative Twitter feed.
-Ray Stevenson has played another Marvel character: Volstagg in Thor,  and by extension,the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
-Apologies for any time I “quote” someone when I’m actually paraphrasing…or mis-paraphrasing.

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