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Here’s a rare behind the scenes photo of Colby forcing Baer to watch this movie.

Here’s a little clip from the most recent CommentaryCast in which we watch Jonah Hex. This is what it’s like if you listen and watch the movie at the same time…


Jonah Hex is an absolute failure of a movie on nearly every level. Directed by Jimmy Heyward, there are numerous anecdotes of how troubled the production was. The fact that there was barely 80 minutes worth of usable footage of a character that should be pretty easy to adapt is a decent indication of how much of a mess the filming and editing of said film was. This CommentaryCast features a distinctly different style than the last, since I had done research by reading the original script and Brian wasn’t three beers deep when recording started. This also marks the first contest we’ll be doing, but not the last . Listen along and see if you can answer the trivia question! With that, enjoy the ineptitude that is Jonah Hex